SimpliSafe gets help there faster.

The average response time for burglar alarms is 45 minutes. Why? Most alarm companies can’t provide emergency personnel any evidence. With SimpliSafe, our monitoring specialists use video footage to give authorities eyewitness evidence. So you get the highest priority dispatch.

24/7 Protection

Our monitoring center is always available. Ready to dispatch help in any emergency

Disaster Ready

We’ve got 6 monitoring centers. So if one goes down, you’re still covered.

Confirmed Alerts

We send an alarm signal until the monitoring center confirms they got it.

Authorities alerted. Guaranteed.

Without professional monitoring, if someone enters your home, there’s no guarantee emergency personnel will be alerted. “Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings” makes you do all the work—but what if you’re in a meeting? Or you don’t hear the phone?

With SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring, we’ll alert the authorities the moment there’s trouble, guaranteed. Our monitoring specialists are trained to stay on the phone with you to make sure you are okay and provide updates as emergency personnel arrive on scene.